Tips For New Pole Dancers

  • Start with a Lower Heel - If you are not used to wearing heels
  • If you’re not familiar with wearing or dancing in very high heeled Shoes then we would suggest that you start with a 6 Inch Heel before attempting different heel heights. This will help in your posing practice and gain extra confidence before progressing onto larger heel heights including 7 inch and 8 inch.

  • Ankle Strap Support
  • We would recommend that you purchase shoes with an Ankle strap support around the ankle or a Sing back at the back of your heel to help keep the shoes on your feet when you’re on the Pole. The last thing you want is for a shoe to fly off and hit someone! If you cannot find Shoes that you like with Ankle Straps  then there are detachable Ankle straps available.
  • Clear Upper Shoes
  • We would recommend that you choose a Clear Upper Shoe.

  • Keep a Good Posture
  • It is very important to keep a good posture whilst standing upright and walking around the pole, this will ensure stability and make you look and feel more confident. It is harder to maintain balance if you’re not used to wearing High Heel Shoes so Keep your head high and your shoulders back and avoid slouching over.