What are the Best Pole Dancing Shoes to buy?

What are the Best Pole Dancing Shoes to buy?

The best pole dancing shoes will be long lasting, hard wearing and sturdy yet comfortable to walk around and Dance in.

There are many brands of Pole Dancing Shoes on the Market, some of the cheaper brands or unbranded styles of Pole Dancing Shoes are made with the heel as a separate piece made from other materials, this will mean that the Pole Dancing Shoes will be prone to breaking very easily.

Pleaser shoes are made with a solid plastic base form with the Heels and Platforms as a single unit piece and therefor the heel cannot be separated or detached from the Platform unit.

It is extremely important to purchase Pole Dancing Shoes which are comfortable, especially if you're going to use them to work in a club for long hours! The cheaper brands of Pole Dancing Shoes tend to be firmer which can hurt your foot whereas Pleaser Shoes tend to fit well and once worn are very soft on your feet.

Pleaser Shoes have now released a Pole Dancing Shoe range suitable for Vegans.

If you find a pair of slip on Stripper shoes that you like, and can't manage find them with straps you can also buy detachable ankle straps, these detatchable ankle straps are brilliant as you can wear your new Pole Dancing Shoes 2 ways.

If you are a stripper who intends to do alot of Pole work I would suggest that you avoid any metal metal or excessive Bling on the shoes to protect the pole and prevent you from damaging the Shoes.

The Best Place to buy Pleaser Pole Dancing Shoes is

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